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The collars shown are examples only. Every collar is manufactured according to the customer's specific needs. Shape, size, colour, and electronic housing depend on species and communication option.

High-grade collars for challenging studies

The GPS PLUS system has been designed to give scientists the most flexible, long-lasting solution for all kind of wildlife studies. We are in constant contact with our customers to find solutions to new challenges and the best collar design for each species. Based on proven design, our constant development ensures that our collars are always equipped with recent technology.

Collars tailor-made for you and your study animal

Different to other companies we do not offer definite collar models, but design each collar according to your demands. GPS PLUS collars are available in two shapes: the round shape (e.g. for carnivores) and the oval shape (e.g. for ungulates) and sizes from 23 to 400 cm circumference. The modular concept of the collar allows you to choose from a variety of battery sizes, sensors, and communication options, depending on your animal's biology and your research project.

More than just a GPS collar

All collars are equipped with standard GPS, but to gain more information on your animals, you can add sensors for activity, mortality, hibernation, and temperature. We can also configure the collar to communicate with and store data from external sensors (External Sensors). We have also developed an advanced and intelligent collar programming so the collar reacts to external triggers (e.g. Virtual Fence option) and change the schedule / inform the scientist.

Two-way communication the way you want it

All data are stored in the non-volatile memory of the collar, but one of the most important features is the flexible wireless UHF or VHF data communication in both directions on demand. At any time you can download positions, temperature, activity and mortality data, or upload new GPS or beacon schedule. Additionally, the GPS PLUS collar can be equipped with a GSM communication (900/1800/900/1900 MHz), respectively a GLOBALSTAR or IRIDIUM satellite transmitter.

User-friendly software to support your research

The position, beacon and activity schedules are one of the most comprehensive, flexible and comfortable schedules on the market. There is no limitation in entry numbers or rules. With our free Windows™ based, user friendly GPS PLUS Collar Manager you can design or modify even detailed research scenarios. Organising GPS and activity data is an easy task and can be aided by the GPS PLUS Data Manager, a database managing program including analysis tools for positions and trajectories with an interface to SQL and R. Fine-scale activity measured by the powerful three-axes acceleration sensor can be plotted and analysed with the free PC software Activity Pattern, a software tool offering analysis methods currently in use in the field of telemetry aided behavioural biology.

Buy only what you need!

To optimise your study, select those sensor and communication features you need without unnecessary ballast. You can use the following schematic to get an overview of the available options and prepare yourself by reading the information provided on this website. Give us a call or send us an email, to ask us about our products and discuss the best option for your project.