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Company: Vectronic Aerospace, Inc. | Title: Electronic Technician
Job Type: Full-Time | Location: Coralville, Iowa | Apply: via email – jobs@vectronic-aerospace.com

Driven by a shared passion for safeguarding our planet’s biodiversity, we work closely with biologists and researchers across the globe and are proud to be among the world’s leading wildlife monitoring companies. Founded in 2000, with headquarters in Berlin, Germany and satellite offices in North America, our team of more than 70 employees worldwide develops, produces, and delivers highly specialized devices in the field of space and environmental technology. Manufacturing state-of-the-art GPS tracking collars, we’ve played a pivotal role in empowering wildlife biologists and researchers worldwide. Our projects make a scientific contribution to climate research, global biodiversity, and conservation and our products can be seen on National Geographic TV, Animal Planet, and Amazing Animals. Vectronic Aerospace clientele include government and state wildlife agencies, university researchers, national parks, zoos and non-government organizations like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Wildlife Conservation Society.


  • The Vectronic Aerospace office in Coralville, Iowa seeks two exceptional individuals to join our production team to assemble electronic components and batteries used in the application of remotely monitoring wild animals via satellite and cellular technologies. 

  • The ideal applicant illustrates the ability to excel in precise tasks while also being a self-starter and creative problem-solver. Applicants with motivation, resourcefulness, and team-player mentality have the greatest probability of being the right fit for this role on our small, tight-knit team.
  • This hands-on work produces the technology and data that unlocks the secrets of the animal kingdom, fostering a deeper understanding of their behaviors, migratory patterns, and habitats—a key to informed conservation decisions that ripple across ecosystems.


  • Training in the field of electronics advantageous
  • Experience in soldering
  • Experience in handling multimeters, oscilloscopes, and spectrum analyzers
  • Perform QA/QC testing
  • Familiarity with GPS systems
  • Fine motor hand-skills and handling of small components
  • Strong manual skills to work with various tools and equipment
  • Use a computer with spreadsheets, email, and file directories
  • Ability to follow exact processes to maintain our high level of quality and performance of product
  • Willingness to work as a team or individually while understanding and overcoming obstacles
  • Inviting to constructive feedback
  • Be able to secure a passport and travel to Germany for on-site training


  • Salary up to $46,800 • 40 hrs per week
  • Company contribution to retirement plan
  • Health Insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Dental Insurance, Flex Spending Account
  • 2 weeks PTO, 1 additional week off between Christmas and New Year