GPS Collars

Quality GPS collars for demanding wildlife studies


VECTRONIC Aerospace produces high quality GPS collars and connected products for wildlife telemetry studies.

Alle Collars are tailor made and highly customized for each customer, project and species. Our collars can be equipped with a variety of communication and sensor options as well as be coupled with external devices e.g for species interaction detection. The collar itself come with different species dependent designs and sizes for collar shape and battery.

We are in constant contact with our customers and greatly appreciate the dialogue which helps us to further improve wildlife telemetry, science and conservation efforts.

VECTRONIC looks back onto 19 years of experience and our collars are used in more than 70 countries on more than 200 species.

VERTEX collars

The VERTEX collars are the latest generation of GPS wildlife collars replacing our GPS PLUS collars which have been widely in use worldwide in the last decade.

The GPS PLUS series has been continuously updated but recent developments in hardware and completely new technology available needed a general new set-up. The VERTEX collars include state of the art hardware as more accurate GPS receivers, smaller and more energy efficient satellite communication modules and many more things. It outclasses the former generation on all levels.

The belting is made of durable, UV- and water-resistant polyurethane. Due to its round edges it causes no or only little irritation on the animal’s neck.

We offer several sizes for battery packs, depending on the weight of your study animal and the length of your study. The electronic housing depends on the communication and sensor option, respectively collar type you choose.

VERTEX collars are designed to operate at the wide range of temperatures from -40°C to +70 °C. They are water proof and can withstand even total immersion for several hours.


The VERTEX PLUS collar series is the successor of the GPS PLUS series offering the same and more options.
It is a highly flexible and customizable collar system and is the ultimate tool for wildlife scientists having a solution for most every study, question and species.

Whatever is possible in wildlife science is possible with this kind of collars.

Check VERTEX Plus collar series for details.


The SURVEY collar is engineered and designed for long-term survey and survival studies. They generate GPS and status data and send regular updates using satellite communication. The unique one-housing design enhances field reliability in long time studies and allows the usage from the shelf on a variety on species and specimen.

A perfect tool for long term observations in contrast to a high detail study with specific questions answerable by the VERTEX PLUS collars.

Check SURVEY collar series for details.