Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Wildlife research is full of constant challenges and new experiences. Every species and every project is different. We do not believe in “one collar for all customers”. Instead, we design each collar exclusively for your needs, to get you the best available product with the sensors you need and no additional weight or costs for equipment you don’t want.

Animal welfare is an important concern for us. Therefore, we aim to reduce the impact of the collar on the animal to a minimum. Our collars are designed to be compact, with round edges and as little external parts as possible. Our belting is designed to be smooth and to not irritate the animal. We also work on energy efficiency to allow the researcher to obtain the same amount of positions with a lighter collar.

Each collar is handmade to your special requirements. Quality and sturdiness of the collar, as well as convenience for the animal are our highest aims. We offer a two-year warranty on electronic failure to make sure you are satisfied with our service.

As a dedicated team of engineers and biologists we are constantly learning, so our collars get better and better. This is possible because we sit down with our customers and project partners to discuss needs, ideas and hands-on experiences.

You are not sure what collar you need? Then talk to us to find the best solution for your project!

You need a sensor we do not offer on this page? Ask us, we might find a way to get your sensor on our collar!