Trap Transmitter

TT3 Trap Transmitter

The TT3 Trap Transmitter is a tool to remotely control your wildlife traps. No need for continuously checking the trap as you get regular status messages and also instant alert message via satellite communication whenever the alarm has been triggered.

The TT3 Trap Transmitter is available with GLOBALSTAR as well as IRIDIUM satellite communication. GLOBALSTAR trap transmitter are more economic but the IRIDIUM data transmission is more reliable due to its two way communication. IRIDIUM also offers a world wide coverage so the TT3 can now be used in many new places.

The Transmitter can be used with basically every kind of trap. Just place it in an open spot in the vicinity of the trap to ensure a clear path for signals to the satellite and connect it via rope or wire with the trap’s trigger. When the trap closes a magnet is pulled out of the transmitter box and triggers the alarm mode.

TT3 Trap Transmitter
TT3 Trap Transmitter
Activated a status email is sent once a day to inform you that the transmitter still works. The status message will reach you as an email whereas the altert message can additionally be send as sms to your mobile. The TT3 alarm message contains the time elapsed since the trapping success and is repeated every 30 minutes for the first 15 hours and then once a day.

An optional VHF beacon can give a on-site tool as well.
The VHF beacon will switch to a faster pulse when the trap has been triggered.

The Trap Transmitter needs little energy and can send up to 13 000 messages (without VHF beacon) or 7 500 messages (with VHF beacon) during its lifetime. Each triggering affects the lifetime of the TT3 but even on a busy trap the TT3 will work for several years before the battery runs out.

TT3 Trap Transmitter Product Sheet