Virtual Fence



Virtual Fence

The Virtual Fence option is the basic tool for interactive collar programming and usable with all VERTEX Plus collars. It allows you to define areas of special interest such as wildlife reserves, certain vegetation areas or home ranges of other animals on which you want to have a special focus. It opens possibilities for flexible GPS schedules which can record locations where they count the most. In addition it is possible to trigger a remote alarm once the animal leaves/enters a designed area. A feature which can also be used in preventive measures in human-wildlife conflicts.

©Google Earth map data
©Google Earth map data

How it works

You can define a Virtual Fence (VF) either by the coordinates of their „fence posts“ or more comfortably by using Google Earth (see FAQ / Virtual Fence). The collar set-up then consist of this map(s) and information on how to react whenever a Virtual Fence event occurs.

Whenever the collar conducts a GPS fix it checks automatically if it is within or outside the marked area. This information is stored in the Collar memory and optionally triggers a switch in the GPS scheduling (e.g. far more intense in the VF area). Having a collar with a remote communication option you can also get a alert message to the system / as email but also as a SMS to a mobile number.

By setting a reference point, you define if the Virtual Fence schedule is active when the animal is inside the Virtual Fence or if it is active while the animal is outside. You are also free to create one or several polygons and create a complex observation map of your animals habitat. Depending on your communication settings you can change the Virtual Fence settings remotely (UHF Handheld Terminal and/or GSM and Iridium satellite communication) and of course with the LinkManager.

The Virtual Fence is also a part of our interactive programming where you can pre-set even more schedules for a very specific moving pattern observation. 5 different triggers can be set which are hierarchic and apply whenever its trigger is present. Please check FAQ / Schedules for details.


Applications examples

  • Habitat Use: Increase GPS positioning in areas with a different structure (e.g. water sites, vegetation zones) to get a finer picture of the habitat use.
  • Interaction: Change GPS frequency if the animal enters the home range of a conspecific or prey species. Combined with our VERTEX Plus Proximity Sensor this will provide new insights into the interaction of individuals.
  • Human – Wildlife conflict: Get a better picture of fine scale movements whenever your animal moves close to a settlement or life stock grazing ground. Trigger a remote alarm to send the alerts via e-mail and text messages (SMS).

A subsumed version of the VIRTUAL FENCE you find here in our Flyer:

Virtual Fence