Motion Data Monitor

Motion Data Monitor is a software tool to process, view and export Motion Data

The free, Windows based software tool can view, process and export Acceleration Data of VERTEX Plus Collars and Motion Data of VERTEX Motions. Import your .binv2 file and start processing.

      You can:


      • View Motion Data graphically
      • Data Variables:
        • VERTEX Plus Collar: 3-axis acceleration, temperature
        • VERTEX Motion: 3-axis acceleration, temperature, light, 3-axis magnetic field
      • Store, display and export data
      • Select data by day
      • Get statistical values (absolutes, variances)
      • Choose individual export settings
      • Export of basic acitivity data (averaged value from 0 to 255 in 5 minutes steps) to csv file
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      Version 1.3.1 (07.07.22):

      • fix: bug for calculating milliseconds of data from VERTEX Motion.

      Version 1.3.0 (31.03.21):

      • add: activity data csv export (every 5 min)
      • add: date info to csv export header
      • add: scrollbar to export grid
      • add: error handling for multiple files
      • add: warning before overwriting existing data
      • fix: excel optimized export for processed data
      • fix: Log output is now selectable

      Version 1.2.1 (02.11.20):

      • fix: wrong unit for magnetic data
      • fix: sometimes an empty column appeared in csv-files
      • fix: error in calculations of milliseconds for VERTEX Motion


      Version 1.2.0 (22.10.20):

      • change: changed name of project from AccelerationDataMonitor to MotionDataMonitor
      • remove: remove output of invalid sectors. Visible in logfile
        add: Version info in Help
      • refact: small layout improvements


      Version 1.1.0 (28.07.20):

      • add: import, view and export of VERTEX Motion data


      Version 1.0.0 (06.02.20):

      • initial release


      To get started have a look on the Quickstart Guide: