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Fawn Collar

The Expandable Fawn Collar has been designed for attaching an UHF-ID tag on a fawn. This collar is very light and made of elastic material which is folded in several layers. The layers are sewed together with cotton yarns, which allow the layers to unfold with the effect from wear, time and weather. The combination of elastic and folded material ensures a good fit for a growing neck of the fawn.

The collar combines the following features:

  • Housing: 33 mm x 31 mm x 25 mm
  • Weight: ~56 g
  • Lifetime: 10 to 26 months, depending on the configuration

belt material

belt width

belt length


light brown elastic material


22-34 cm

22-38 cm

24-34 cm

Mule deer fawn

black elastic material

40 mm

37-62 cm

Elk calf


Fawn Collar
with 1C battery

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