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Trap Transmitter

Our trap transmitter TT5 is a handy tool to remotely monitor your wildlife traps. Due to its energy economic design it can be used for several capture seasons (depending on how lucky you are with captures).

It immediately sends out alerts messages when an animal is captured. A status message will be sent twice a day when the trap is still active and not triggered.

Our Trap Transmitter communicates via GLOBALSTAR satellite with our system and can be used on almost every kind of trap.

TT5- Realtime remote trap monitoring

The alert message is triggered when the trap pulls the magnet from the trap sensor which will be promptly transmitted. It is send out as an email and as SMS. The TT5 alert is repeated every 30 minutes for the first 10 hours and then twice a day.

In comparison to our TT4, the TT5 is easier to use: It is only one device (plus trigger magnet) and can be easily activated and deactivated with its standby magnet.

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