If you are unable to deploy collars due to the COVID-19 Pandemic please contact your Vectronic account manager to see if deactivating the airtime is in your best financial interest.

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Due to its small size and low weight the VERTEX MINI collar is perfectly suitable for fawns. The collar has all basic features regarding collar programming and GPS monitoring. For long-range communication the collar uses 1-way Globalstar satellite communication.

The collar combines the following features:

  • Starting with 145 gram weight
  • Records and stores up to
    24 GPS positions per day
  • Transfers remotely 1 GPS position per day
  • Basic 3-axis activity sensor
  • Mortality sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • VHF Beacon
  • Including expandable belt
  • Including 1C battery

Fawn Collar
with 1C battery

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