On-Board Data Handling

VECTRONIC Aerospace On-Board Data Handling systems are designed specifically for small satellite applications. The system can process direct and time-tagged telecommands and provides additional autonomy with user defined event-triggered processes.

Standard processes for collecting, formatting and interpreting of spacecraft housekeeping data are implemented.

The system architecture provides high performance coupled with optional redundant modules for improved reliability while the power consumption of around 1.5 W is adequate for the use in small satellites.

Interfaces to umbilical lines and to EGSE are implemented as well as quite a number of digital and analogue I/O lines. An HPC command interface is available on demand.

The signal interface consists of a user definable number of standard asynchronous SCI’s on RS422/RS485 level. Subsystems can be connected in a star configuration as well as in a bus architecture. The baud rate is adjustable up to 1Mbaud.

VECTRONIC Aerospace has the successful experience acquired from 7 slightly different On-Board Data Handling systems in Orbit and several others waiting for launch.