INVENTA 1.3 will be released on Sep 20, 2021.

The new update will introduce user roles in INVENTA which enables you to share the visibility of your collars, animals and groups.

Three different user roles (OWNER, ADMIN, GUEST) with according permissions will be defined. Please find a detailed overview on the roles and permissions blog post.

By definition the „OWNER“ will be the main responsible person for a registered collar. Hereby the „OWNER“ has the full permission for all available and planned features in INVENTA.
The „OWNER“ will be able to add and assign user roles and give according permissions for the usage of features in INVENTA.
Deletion of collars, animals or groups in INVENTA can only performed by the „OWNER“.
Shared ownerships are possible.
At the moment an ownership has to be requested from the VAS support team and can not be obtained by an upload of collar keys. The background is to avoid an incorrect assignment of the user role „OWNER“ with existing collars in INVENTA and thus has to be shortly verified.

The user role „ADMIN“ is defined as adminstrative user of the collar and thus receives similiar rights as the „OWNER“. However an „ADMIN“ cannot delete collars, animals or groups.
By first uploading collar keys in INVENTA the role „ADMIN“ will be assigned automatically for any new collar. For the case a collar key is uploaded for an already registered collar in INVENTA the possibility of a permission request to any existing ADMIN and OWNER will be given.
An „ADMIN“ can also be added by the „OWNER“

The „GUEST“ can only view the collar data and the details entered by the „OWNER“ or „ADMIN“.
To keep the implementation of the user roles as convenient as possible for you we will perform the following migration steps for all collars associated with user accounts in INVENTA:

  • All existing user accounts will automatically be assigned as „ADMIN“ for associated collars
  • In order to change your collar access from „ADMIN“ to „OWNER“ please contact us via your sales representative and we will perform the change
  • All existing notes about a collar will remain private and added under „Personal Notes“
  • For collar associated „Deployments“ in multiple user accounts, the earliest deployment start date and latest deployment end date has been applied

In addition to the new user roles following new features have been added:

  • Added user table to collars, animals, groups
  • Replaced left sidebar with checkbox column for collars and animals
  • Added group page accessable by “Manage Group”-button
  • Added columns to collars and animals: Groups, Personal Notes
  • Changed animal comment to description
  • Added position count for collars
  • Added UTM coordinates and light condition to positions table
  • Rename position columns to: Altitude[m], Temp[°C], Main[V], Backup[V]